What's new in iOS 16.1: all the changes and improvements of the new update

 You can share your iCloud Photo Library with other members of your family.

Shared Photo Library

You can now use this service if you don't have an Apple Watch. 

Fitness+ for everyone 

When you click on the Personalize button , the system will ask you what exactly is the element that you want to personalize. 

Personalize home or lock screen 

One of the novelties of iOS 16 was to bring back the battery percentage, although it was only available for some iPhone models. Now the feature is available to everyone. 

Battery percentage for everyone 

Its interface is changed to put icons in each option that appears after taking it, and it gives you more options to share them from other apps. 

Improvements in screenshots 

An API for developers to implement, being able to show in real time events or activities of an app in a bottom widget of the lock screen. 

Support for Live Activities 

Apple gives you more freedom, now allowing you to uninstall the Wallet app from your iPhone again if you wanted to. 

Uninstallable Wallet app 

This is the new home automation standard promoted by Google, Apple and Amazon to facilitate intercompatibility, and which will integrate HomeKit. 

Matter compatibility 

More windows can be added with a new button. There will be new shortcuts such as Globe + Arrow down to see all the windows of an app, and other improvements. 

Changes in Stage Manager 

This is a detail that only works in the United States at the moment, and that analyzes the electrical network and only charges the phone at times when there are more renewables supplying energy. 

Analysis of electrical network