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Online OCR tools are excellent for extracting text from an image or scanned document into an editable format.
These online scanners and OCR scanner services are free and support multiple file formats. When you upload a file, something excellent cooks in the server. It recognizes the letters and numbers in the documents and transfers them to the specified file format.
You can easily convert the file to Word or PDF to have more control over the editing process. Without further ado, here is the best free online OCR scanner tool we’ve curated for you.


This free online OCR service supports over 46 languages, including English, Hindi, and more. The server can handle a variety of file formats, including PDF, Image, and most popular file types.
For best results, the files should have a resolution of 200-400 DPI and can convert multiple pages of PDFs. You can also upload numerous pages of TIF/TIFF, JPEG/JPG, BMP, PCX, PNG, GIF, and ZIP files. The text can be recovered from a 200MB file and exportable in PDF, Word, Excel, and RTF formats.
It will work as a painkiller for your headaches. Thanks, us!
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