Focus on these 6 Skills in 2023 to Grow in your Career


Disappear for 6 months and focus on these 6 skills in 2023 to grow in your career:

Skill to grow

1/ Marketing

How to learn Marketing

Learn how to market the products/services. It will help you in every walk of life.


– Good communication
– Researching well
– Collaboration
– Critical Thinking

2/ Networking

How to expert in networking

Networking can take you places where degrees can’t.

Focus on building a strong network and it will generate the highest ROI for years on end.

3/ Sales

How to increase Sales

Know how to sell.

It is such an underrated yet important skill to have.

– negotiation
– presentation
– client relationships
– planning

4/ Copywriting

How to learn Copywriting

Copywriting is a crucial part of marketing.

Learn how to tell a story with clarity and precision through your words.

This is one of the most demanding skills of 2022.

5/ SEO

How to learn SEO

SEO helps optimize a website’s technical configuration, content, and popularity.

You can find many jobs on SEO on Twitter and LinkedIn that can pay you big bucks.

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6/ UX/UI designer

How to learn UI UX

Every company needs a UI/UX designer for their website/app.

The salary of an average designer ranges from $90K to $160K pa.


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Superb hitechsea. Keep sharing amazing contents

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